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Adopt Don't Shop

We have all seen the ads or heard the horror stories, but now there is a group out there with a goal to shut down puppy mills and commercial breeding facilities, rallying around a message of ADOPT, DON’T SHOP. I am raising a paw high in the air for PetsInDanger.

My pup parents told me stories that I just couldn’t believe, but then one day I saw it with my own eyes on the screen on the wall that keeps nattering human speak. How could this be true? How could anyone ever do that to my brothers and sisters and worse yet, how could any human support such things. We are your best friend, so why can’t you be ours?

Then I heard about PetInDanger, a non-profit charity that advocate for animal welfare through public education and engagement. And what’s really cool is that they are focusing many of their efforts on teens to become their advocates. Oh, maybe I’ll raise a second paw for that brainwave. The Bark ‘n Yapp Team always likes creativity.

So, how do they do this you ask? Well, PetsInDanger engage pet lovers to rally round something called Protector Campaigns.

Through a series of workshops in elementary and high schools, PetsInDanger educate youth about the importance of the ADOPT, DON’T SHOP message and puppy mills (geared toward the appropriate age groups and grade levels).

These workshops typically culminate in the formation of classroom Protector Campaigns, youth Student Clubs and tours/volunteerism at local shelters and rescue organizations. In addition to elementary and high schools, PetsIn Danger also institutionalizes Student Clubs at colleges and universities across Canada. Student Club chapters have their own Protector Campaigns and host their own events, activities and educational workshops. Protector Campaigns also involve collecting donations and petition signatures, as well as getting involved in Strut4Paws Walkathons. PetsInDanger urges individuals and groups to launch their own Protector Campaign at a local Strut4Paws Walkathon by registering at ca.petsindanger.com/register. Did someone mention a walk? Ok, I have another paw up for that.

Youth putting words into action

So, by now you are probably wondering how you can find a local Strut4Paws Walkathon? I know I am. Well, the 1st Annual Toronto Strut4Paws Walkathon hosted by PetsInDanger Ryerson University and University of Toronto (UTSC and UTM) Student Club chapters in support of our ADOPT, DON’T SHOP mission and Redemption Paws is taking place Saturday, October 14 from 10:00am-1:00pm, at King’s College Circle on the University of Toronto campus. Hey, wasn’t Redemption Dogs that cool organization that rescued 40+ dogs from Hurricane Harvey and brought them to the GTA for adoption? You can find out more about this event here. Rain or shine, Bark ‘n Yapp will be there to support this amazing cause.

Strut4Paws Walkathon

So, I just have one more paw to stick in the air and I certainly can for this; PetsInDanger’s promise is that 100% of every dollar raised by PetsInDanger is dedicated to their mission. Absolutely NO monies go to officer’s/director’s salaries or management fees. Barks all around for that.

Now that all my paws are in the air, can I at least get a belly rub?

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