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How about my rock 'n roll hair #barknyapp

Bark’s log, stardate 2016…sorry, just prepping for my binge watching this weekend.

I live near a very cool park that is right beside a ravine and high school that has a big running track.  Angelique and Mitch used to take me there every night after dinner but that was before Sistur gave her some kind of gift for Mother’s Day.  It’s some kind of game that she puts on her wrist and makes her want to walk a ton and beat others her are apparently doing the same thing, but I digress.  Angelique and Mitch walk around the track 355,600 times while I play in the center with my friends. Then again maybe they only walk around 3 times because I am Bark and I am a dog and apparently I have no concept of time or distance.

I have lots of friends, but two of my besties are Zeva and Maestro. They’re Staffordshire Bull Terriers.  It’s good to have them as friends because once last winter a gigantic coyote came out of the ravine and was making his way right towards me.  All Zeva had to do was give him one of her “don’t even think about it” growls and he took off faster than Lloyd’s Tesla car which goes from zero to ludicrous in 2.8 seconds.

So, does this ever happen to you?  We go to the park every night even when it gets dark early and the snow is as high as my yang yangs.  Angelique makes me wear a black parka that Sistur bought me.  It has fake coyote fur around the hood. I think that’s why the gigantic coyote was coming over to see me.  To make matters worse, Angelique and Mitch have matching parkas but the coyote hair on their hoods is real. Hmmmmm. I think we look pretty ridiculous when all three of us wear our parkas to the park in the winter when the snow is up to my yang yangs.

I’m also embarrassed to tell you Angelique and Mitch and I also have matching yellow rain slickers. Angelique’s friend Karen noticed that we all dress alike so she gave me a cable knit sweater that her mother knit that matches Angelique’s Arran sweater.  Sistur also bought me a tuxedo with tails for my kiss the bride photo on her wedding day which was pretty stupid because my tail is just fine thank you.

Bark BondI need to go now to check out the boxes in the family room because Freddy the Frog, my second most favourite toy in the world has gone AWOL.

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