Life Of Riley: Rowing

There’s a funny word I learned in puppy class. It’s S-I-T. I know perfectly well what it means and I guess it has its uses but honestly, to expect this behaviour of a healthy, happy and well-muscled dog like me is ludicrous. Besides, isn’t sitting the new smoking? I have my health to consider.

That said, the dynamics of a rowboat being what they are, sitting is probably the preferred position. It certainly is for humans anyway. But during the summer, four times a week from 9:00 am until 11:00 am (or first snack break as I like to call it), I can be seen paddling the waters of Georgian Bay in a sleek blue kayak. I perform this routine as though I’ve practiced it all my life – which I pretty much have if you think about it.

A typical day rowing is like this:

I jump in the boat. Deb jumps in the boat.

Oars in oarlocks.

I jump on the seat and put my paws on the edge of the boat. Happy to be alive and awash in delicious smells. But what is this?

Grumpy sounds from Deb who, skootches over in her seat to balance out the weight I’m throwing the other way.

Hmm. Better check out the view on the other side of the boat. Is that a duck? Bird? Wow!

More grumpy sounds from Deb.

I stand on the front of the boat and on the back and love the feeling of being able to move freely about. A rowboat is much better than a kayak from the mobility point of view. Deb tries that word SIT quite a lot but it simply makes no sense to me. Why sit when you can scramble around sniffing the wonderful smells of the forest? Why sit when you have four specially designed paws for standing, jumping and death defying edge walking?

Deb is getting used to our rowing routine by now and the grumbly sounds taper off as she realizes I am having the time of my life. What could be more important to her than that?

Sit? I think not! Long live the terrier!

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Hi, i am Riley and I am the self proclaimed ambassador for all terriers. In my humble opinion, terriers are the best dog and me, well I can swim, kayak, play pretty much any game and of course hunt. It's no wonder God Loves a Terrier. I hope you enjoy my adventures.

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