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Recently, I saw one of the most funny things. One of the humans I know used his Wii to make an avatar of my oldest dog friend, Timber. Now, you have to know, Wookie PalTimber is not a thing of beauty to want to look like. In fact, he looks exactly like the wookie-thing from Star Wars. He has a great shaggy head of brown hair and yellow-green eyes. His avatar is cool though and everyone loves using it. I wonder why nobody has made one of me?
When I was a tiny puppy, Timber, who is a Wire Haired Pointing Griffon (a very large dog with huge teeth and a giant head), was my first cottage pal. I weighed 6 pounds to his 60 but I was not deterred by this size differential. I would grab any part of his hairy face I could sink my puppy teeth into and would swing wildly back and forth trying to bring him down. He would flop down on the floor so as to even out his height advantage, and would open his gigantic jaws and emit terrible sounds as if he was going to tear me apart. Humans would come running, certain I was being torn limb from limb. Then he would most gently nibble me so I would let go of him. Such a considerate playmate.

It was a terrifically entertaining game and we played it by the hour. It now has a formal name which is Smack Down and we continue to play it whenever we get the opportunity. Sometimes it gets really loud now that I am older and my bones are sturdier so once our humans are tired of the noise, we get to take it outside where it can continue at the beach and through the grove.

Having a “bestie”dog friend is a great and satisfying experience. Long may Smack Down reign!

Tell me about your bestie….

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Hi, i am Riley and I am the self proclaimed ambassador for all terriers. In my humble opinion, terriers are the best dog and me, well I can swim, kayak, play pretty much any game and of course hunt. It's no wonder God Loves a Terrier. I hope you enjoy my adventures.

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