Music To My Ears

pup in field having fun
It's me! Having fun! In a field!
Most dog owners know that keeping your pup well-fed, taking them out for walks and showing them a great deal of attention, will leave us feeling like the happiest little puppy in the world, but I’ve got one more thing for you that’ll really make your puppy happy: Music. For most humans, music can play a huge part in one’s life; it helps them get through hard times, or it keeps them working efficiently. There are so many things that one simple song can do to a person, but the same thing goes for dogs around the world. The sound of a nice song can achieve so much for us, such as: motivating us, putting us to sleep, inspire us to sing and dance, or be a little nicer and sweeter to people/dogs.
A few months ago, I met a puppy who recently started to sing more with their owner; now he’s being taken to talent shows around town. I asked the puppy, “What inspired you to start singing?” and his answer was, “Music introduced me to so many new things. It taught me that I shouldn’t be afraid of pursuing my goals, even when some of them are quite difficult to achieve.” There are some guidelines to playing music for your puppy, and I’d like to share them with you before something goes wrong and it leaves your pal upset.

1. Do not put earbuds into a dog’s ears. It may damage a few things in there, and the last thing we want is a puppy not being able to hear how much their owner loves them.

2. Do not play loud music. Our ears are very sensitive, and we’re capable of hearing things a lot louder than most creatures.

3. Aggressive music may not be a great choice for your dog. Again, we hear things much louder and clearer than most do, but it can also lead us to attack others.

4. Soft, soothing music can put us to sleep. So, if your pup is having trouble sleeping, try playing some soft music. It may help us fall asleep, and it may help us have good dreams.

Those are just a few things to keep in mind. Again, be gentle with our little ears, and try finding songs that are meant for puppies. Do you guys listen to music with your special friends? Any musical suggestions? Leave a comment below!

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