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riley regrets nothing.
Regret nothing. Ever.

They say that everyone needs something in life to get them out of bed in the morning. I’ve had some time to consider this, and after several moments of soul searching (a long time in dog years), I’d have to select the saying on this handy tote bag as my personal mantra. It would be fitting to note that the bag is filled with things I have ‘liberated’ from unguarded nooks and crannies in my surroundings.Making terrible choices can result in wonderful and unexpected experiences. Leaping onto a moving treadmill, for example. Ejecto-licious! On the downside of making terrible choices, I’d say licking a cat and accidentally stepping on a five foot fox snake are right up there. In truth, though, at least on the cat thing, I was really just trying to have a culinary experience. Cat fur tasting is the new wine tasting– or so I’ve heard. Who am I to pass up a nice, well aged tabby or a light refreshing calico? With regard to the snake episode, I did take a bite to the head, a ghastly and life altering experience, but the upside ( and there is always an upside when you are a terrier), is that fox snakes are rather benign creatures which can terrify but not medically injure.Whatever your motto or mantra, I highly recommend throwing yourself into it with every ounce of your being. It will be an interesting ride whatever the outcome.

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Hi, i am Riley and I am the self proclaimed ambassador for all terriers. In my humble opinion, terriers are the best dog and me, well I can swim, kayak, play pretty much any game and of course hunt. It's no wonder God Loves a Terrier. I hope you enjoy my adventures.

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