The Big Move!

young couple moving boxes.
A recreation of the Worst Day if My Life– AKA the Big Move.

Today’s the day. It’s time for The Move.

I’ve been worried sick all week, dreading this very moment. Ugh. I’ve eaten so much grass, that even Tommy Chong would be concerned. Angelique and Mitch have finally packed, stuffed, and taped up all my possessions, and have loaded them into a ginormous vehicle. Who knows if I’ll ever even see my things again! A lifetime of memories, tossed carelessly into the back of their friend Andrew’s truck. How well do they even know this “Andrew”? He’s only pet me once so far… I don’t trust him. Does he have any pets? Is he a safe driver? Does he know the true value of Mr. Bear? I BET NOT. I bet his real name isn’t even Andrew.

All the neighbours have been coming by the house today to visit. Are they coming with us? I sure hope not.  I’m not really interested in sharing a car seat with Horace, the gross bachelor who lives next door. I have it on good authority that he doesn’t wash his hands after using the bathroom*. I’ll mostly miss my neighbours, but especially the pups who live around the neighbourhood. Who even knows if there are other dogs in the new neighbourhood? Will I be doomed to spend the rest of my life with only myself for company? Or, even worse, what if the new neighbours are cat people? Gross. Pray for me, my friends.

Additionally, no one has even bothered to tell me where we’re going. Maybe I’m not even going with Angelique and Mitch. I did throw up a lot the last few days… Maybe they’ll leave me at the shelter, alone forever. Oh god, I need some more grass to calm down. Have any of you guys ever had a Big Move? What were your experiences?


*The good authority is my nose. Obviously. Yuck.

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