Puppy Love

puppy love
Why isn’t there a puppy version of Tinder? As much as I love my owner and his family, sometimes I’d prefer spending it with a special someone. Like most humans, or any other creature in the world, we need love and affection from another one from our species.  Love isn’t only a human concept; it’s something every living creature feels throughout their life. As a big fan of Lady and the Tramp, I’d love to share a string of spaghetti with a lovely companion, and maybe I’ll take them to one of my favourite spots and show them how much they mean to me. However, this can be very difficult to achieve considering the fact that most of our time is spent either at home, or walking down streets with my owner without having very much time to introduce myself to someone. There’s got to be another way, and I believe I’ve found the solution.

People have so many ways of meeting new people, such as: dating/social media applications, online gaming, going to the gym, jobs or through a friend. Those things aren’t possible for dogs like us, so we’ve got to come up with a new form of communication for us in order to find our own special pup, or even to find new friends to hang out with. Get this: My proposal is to create an application called Bark ‘N Yapp, and it’ll help the puppy community finally find their soulmates! Walking up and down the street everyday – interacting with puppies for a split second – isn’t going to do it for us. Meanwhile, for now, I’ll have to resort to meeting new pups at the park. Who knows, maybe I’ll be lucky the next time I go for a walk and find the puppy of my dreams. Cross your paws!

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