Pups Just Wanna Have Fun!

pup in field having fun
It's me! Having fun! In a field!
Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve spoken to you guys, and I’m sorry about that! It’s been hectic around my neighbourhood lately, mainly due to the fact that we’ve got several new additions to our puppy community down here. You won’t believe how exciting it is to have new friends, but it can also be very time-consuming. So, as a result of the recent developments around here and the warm/sunny weather, I’m going to talk about activities you can do with other puppies!

The key to keeping a puppy happy is to be kind, healthy, well-fed and adventurous. There’s nothing better than taking your little pal out for a walk around the park, or for a hike deep in the mountains. We love sniffing every little thing around, seeing different types of animals around us, or little bugs in the ground exploring with their little buddies. Now, hiking may not be the best thing to do with a group of puppies, but taking a group to the park for a game of fetch, or just simply running around will definitely put a smile on everyone’s face!
Another thing you can do is take us to the pet store and get us groomed, but it may cost you a few pennies. Just think about how happy we’ll be! One thing that will, at least 99.9% of the time, put a smile on your pup’s face is taking them to the beach to go swimming. Maybe throw a stick into the water, or a ball, and watch them run into the water like it’s just another patch of grass. The water may be cold, and we may hate getting wet, but we LOVE having fun. Just make sure we don’t swim out too far!
Alright, that’s enough tips for today. Do you guys have any favourite activities with your pups? Share in the comments below!

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