Everything’s Weird and I Hate It, Part 1


Hey pup friends!

It’s been a few weeks since the move, and boy do I have a lot to say about all the weird things. First of all, that drive. We were on the road for probably 100 hours (at least it felt like 100 hours), and I only threw up twice! Once was on Angelique, and she was surprisingly ok about it. I think she could sense how stressed I was. The second time was during a pit stop in the middle of nowhere, and I think both Angelique and Mitch were relieved that I kept it together until I got outside.

We drove through forests, deserts, even over a few lakes! I saw a few menacing looking squirrels on the way, but Mitch didn’t want to stop. What a kill joy. Since the new house was super far away (like I said, 100 hours away!), we had to spend a few nights in some weird rooms that smelt like cat pee and broken dreams. The beds were stiff and creaky, and so small that I barely had any room to rest! I eventually had to move to the floor, that’s how bad it got. Shocking, I know.

Finally, after many days of this awful routine,  Mitch announced that we had arrived. I jumped out of that car faster than a greyhound, and immediately started sniffing out the place. To put it lightly– I was underwhelmed, to say the least. This place was smaller than our old house, smelled weird, and it had no backyard to speak of. I think even Angelique and Mitch were a bit put off, but after all that time in the car, I don’t think they wanted to drive back. Angelique and Mitch slowly loaded everything into the house, and that scummy Andrew eventually showed up with my things. Thank god he didn’t decide to blow town with all my valuables.

All in all, it’s been a stressful few days. I’ll write another post about the house and the neighbourhood in a few days, but right now I’m exhausted. Can I press “paws” on life right now? Does anyone have any advice for this poor old pup? Leave a comment below!

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