Everything Is Weird and I Hate It, Part 2

vancouver skyline
My new home??

Hello to my furry, and non-furry friends. As promised, here is my follow-up post to last week’s installment, Everything Is Weird and I Hate It, Part 1. I told you guys all about my journey from the old house, and my first (very negative) impressions of the new digs. After a few days in the new ‘hood, I’m unhappy to report that yes, everything is still weird, and yes, I do still hate it.

First of all, I hate change. Actually, I’m going to make a broad statement here– I’m pretty sure every dog in the entire world hates change. Do you know a dog that lives for new and scary environments? A life free of all the things that they hold near and dear? No?  That’s right, it’s cause they don’t exist. Mitch and Angelique have been so tired lately, it feels like I’ve become an afterthought. Since we’re moved here, I’ve received half as many walks as usual, and even less cuddles. What is with this place? Is it sapping the life force out of my humans? WHAT GIVES?

Speaking of this place, I’ve figured out the name of my new home: it’s something like Vancougar? Bancouver? Mitch told me that since we live on the “best coast” now, everything is going to be wetter. I’m not sure I like that AT ALL, since my hair gets frizzy in the humidity. Time to invest in some rain gear.

Back to the house– It is small, as I’ve said before. The backyard is absolutely atrocious. I try to block out the fact that I’m here, to be honest. But, on the positive side, the neighbourhood is not as bad as I originally first thought! Everyone here dresses kind of weird, and they all smell like sandalwood and patchouli. Are these the “hippies” I’ve heard so much about? They seem friendly enough, so I can get behind it. Way better than Horace, our old neighbour.

I’ve yet to meet any other pups in this weird, damp town, but maybe I’ll scout some out next week, when Mitch and Angelique are less tired!

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