Doggy Daycare, According to Yapp

puppy in grass.
Not at daycare, obviously.

Who cares about daycare

Hey Pups and Peoples! This week, I’m going to talk a but about doggy daycares. Having to socialize with other puppies, or even other owners, can be somewhat terrifying, and it’s a perfectly normal thing to be afraid of! However, being an outgoing/social pup can lead to some great things. You can get free bones or treats if you just put yourself out there once in a while. One of the best places to meet new dogs is a doggy daycare, and it’s a treat to be able to make new friends. Now, speaking from a puppy that’s been to a daycare several times, I can say that there are a ton of positive things about this; I’d tell you all of them, but it’d take a long time to write all these down, so I’ll share a few with you. Some of the positive things about daycares are:
  •  Socializing and meeting new puppies and people.
  •  If you haven’t been sleeping well, you can sleep for as long as you want.
  •  Sooooooo many toys for you to play with!
  •  You’ll hear so many interesting stories from other pups.
  •  Treats, food and water will be given to you at any time. Well, pretty much any time.
  •  Your owner will be absolutely ecstatic when they pick you up.

Now, even with all the awesome things that come with going to daycare, it isn’t necessarily the best place for every dog in the world. Some of the downsides that come to my mind are:

  •  Some puppies can be intimidated easily, so they’ll be awkward around you at first.
  •  Some dogs can be a bit mean sometimes, but you are speedy like me you can avoid them easily!
  •  Owners may forget about spending time with you (I don’t know if this is true or not… but it’s something to think about!!)
  •  Daycares can be quite small, leading to pets feeling claustrophobic.
  •  Not that much privacy for you in case you want alone time.
  •  Most of them are indoors, so you won’t be able to go out and explore.

Well, after going through the pros and cons about doggy daycares, maybe you’ll think about checking one out soon. If your owner’s a very busy one, I’m sure they’ll take you to one soon, but make sure you let them know that you don’t want to spend too much time there! Have you guys ever gone to doggy daycare?

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