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forest trail
An awesome trail I went on with Mitch and Angelique!

A big hello from Vancity guys! So, last week, I gave you a bit of an update about my new life here in Vancouver, aka “the best coast”. I told you all about the neighbourhood, the city, and a bit about my new home. Needless to say, I wasn’t really feeling the vibe of this “Raincouver” place. But after a few weeks here, I have to say– It’s not so bad! Yes, it’s wet, and yes, there’s way too many people walking around in these stretchy, black pants… but it’s kind of growing on me!

Now that Angelique and Mitch have settled into their new jobs here, we’ve finally started to form a bit of a routine. I’m back to 2-3 walks a day, and our daily cuddle sessions have made a reappearance! Plus, more walks means more opportunities to meet some new dogs, which is something I desperately need. As much as I love Ang and Mitch, I need some canine time. I need some new butts to sniff, some new toys to steal, and some playtime pals. So far, I’ve only met a few neighbourhood pups, but they seem nice! Daisy, a  younger golden retriever who lives a few houses down, has become a dear friend over these past few weeks. She’s always willing to chat, and give a few kisses if you pass her in the street.

One of the best parts about this new place is the thousands of trails and hikes everywhere. We’ve only been here for a few weeks, but every day we go somewhere new. Somedays we go to the mountains, some days we go downtown– there’s so much to do! It might not always be sunny in Vancouver, but it sure is pretty.

Have you guys ever visited Vancouver? Do you have any must visit trails, walks, or other activities? Leave a comment below, and I’ll be sure to check it out!

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