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Every day of my life as a puppy, I’m always wondering what human foods I can eat, and what I can’t. Most of it is so colourful and appealing to my puppy eyes, and there have been times when I’ve wanted to sneak my way into the cupboard to eat everything. However, I’ve heard a few rumours being told at the doggy daycare about eating human foods, and how sick it can make you. The last thing any owner wants is for their dog to get ill, so today, I’ll be giving tips on what and what not to eat– human-food edition!

Owners will most likely keep their dogs on a strict dog kibbles diet, but what they don’t know is how curious their dog really is. As much as we enjoy eating Pedigree or Beneful, we’d rather try new foods that we often see in your kitchen cupboards, fridge or even during television commercials. Here are some safe, healthfy, and funfoods that’ll get your puppy’s tail wagging:

 Chicken: It’s often used in dog food, both kibbles and canned food, but the real thing will really get us dying for more.

 Salmon: Again, like chicken, it’s found in dog food, but dogs will most likely want to try an actual salmon rather than kibbles.

 Carrots: Instead of feeding your dog a bone to help with their chewing, you may give them a carrot. Its low on calories, high in fiber, and it’ll help improve their teeth.

 Apple Slices: Good source for Vitamin A/C, it cleans residue in their teeth, but make sure to take out the seeds.

 Yogurt: You may have to clean up a bit afterwards, but yogurt will help improve a dog’s digestive system. They’ll also have a ton of fun eating yogurt out of a bowl.

Well, after compiling this list of healthy human foods to feed your dog, I’m going to make myself a little something for lunch. Do you guys have an foods you like to share with your dogs? Leave a comment below!

Yapp, out.

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