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Hey guys! This week, I wanted to take a break from my usual running monologue, to talk about something important to me: Attention, and how much attention we really need to be healthy and happy.


Families usually decide to get a puppy once they’ve settled into a house, and will establish a routine around their pup. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for all dogs. People, along with animals, experience unexpected twists and turns throughout life; it’s just the way things go. So, when a person decides to adopt a puppy from a shelter, or from someone else, they should know that living with a puppy will be a huge part of your life. We see everything you do, we learn from your triumphs and your mistakes, we want to be there for you no matter what, but it can be difficult when owners don’t train their puppies, or give them enough attention. Like children, we need to be raised in a positive, friendly environment, or else it’ll affect us both mentally and physically. Dogs are extremely intelligent creatures; we can memorize many different objects, places or people. When an owner neglects us and refuses to take time out of their day for us, we end up having difficulty understanding words that you are saying over time, or activities that you want to do together.

sad pup with ticks

For instance, Pit bulls tend to be a very loyal and active, however, if the owner doesn’t dedicate a few hours in their day to be with them, they’ll become very distracted and chaotic. Rather than having a dog for a prop, only adopt a dog if you’re truly going to be dedicated to raising him/her like a child. Dogs are known as man’s best friend, but what’s the point if the “man” doesn’t give us the attention we need in order to live a fulfilling life? In conclusion, I’d like to warn all humans, don’t get a puppy just to impress your friends, or to leave it lounging around the house for hours. We’re active, loving, obedient creatures that want to give you all the love you deserve, explore every park/beach in the world, and meet the many different puppies around town. We want to be your best friend, so don’t take us for granted, please!

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