Best Buds – Posh and Yapp

Me without Posh. How sad.

Hey guys! I have some great news for you all– I’ve found a new BFFL! After going on a long walk with my owner, we stopped by a park to take a breather and do my doggy duties; I won’t go into heavy details on that. As soon as we were ready to go, a poodle with the most unique style I’ve ever seen came up to talk to me. Feeling flustered, I said something along the lines of, “Nice do, foo.” Awkward, I know. But I guess it worked!

My new friend Posh

As a dog, it’s hard to socialize when you’re constantly on-the-go with your owner. The best way to meet other dogs? Just go up and talk to them, like Posh did to me! Chances are, they’re looking to expand their social circle too. Everyone needs a best friend, or at the very least a friend you can talk to occasionally, and that’s why I’m so happy to have met Posh, the funky-looking poodle.

Months had gone-by where I didn’t talk with anyone, because all my friends were committed to other things at the time. It gets lonely; anyone can tell you the same thing. Thank gosh I met Posh though! She’s been to so many places around the world, she’s told me about so many cool dogs she’s met. I hope one day I can be as well travelled as her!

So, on behalf of Posh and I, get out there and find a BFFL! They may change your life; they may push you to achieve goals you thought were unachievable. Being loved by someone can be one of the greatest feelings, even if it’s a non-romantic, platonic kind of way. Instead of waiting for love to come to you, you should strap up your boots and look for it. Yapp and Posh, signing off.

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