Friend or Foe?

cat and dog
Could this be my future?

My worst fear has come true; M+A are getting a cat. Can you believe it? Mitch and Angelique aren’t even cat-lovers. So what gives?

I found out yesterday, when they had some other humans over for dinner. They mentioned the c-word half a dozen times, and then they showed the other humans some feline photos on the computer. Pretty incriminating evidence, right?

I can’t believe they would do this to me! Without even asking my permission! First the move, now a cat is being thrown into the mix? This is entirely too much stress for my poor heart. Part of me wants to pack up my things, and get outta this joint– Vancouver is too wet anyways. And I definitely don’t need Mitch and Angelique either, I can totally live off squirrels for the rest of my life.

…But another part of me (an annoyingly mature and level-headed part) is telling me to stay. I mean, realistically, could I leave Mitch and Angelique behind? No way. And squirrels are pretty fast,  so I’m not sure how reliable a food source that would be… Heck, maybe this cat thing wouldn’t be the worst thing ever. Maybe we can find away to get along– as long as it stays outta my bed, and away from my toys. Also, if it could stay away from the house in general, that would be swell. I don’t feel like I’m asking too much!

What do you guys think? Do any of you live with cats? How do you guys get along? Leave a comment below!


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