Summer Safety Tips With Yapp

dog laying in water
Staying cool, on a cool summer day.

Hey friends! I’m so happy. The flowers are blooming into beautiful bundles of joy; the sun is up and shining. Folks, I’m starting to think that summer is just around the corner, which means this is a great time to talk about safety tips for the upcoming heat. The heat can be absolutely deadly some days, yet some owners decide to leave their lovely pets in the car when they’re off running errands. Unfortunately, this can lead to terrible outcomes, and it pains me to say this, but leaving your windows closed while your pet is boiling under the sun can even lead to death. That’s not it though; there are several different ways that could leave your puppy in danger, so let’s begin by listing a few things you shouldn’t do with your pet this summer:

 Do NOT leave your pet in a hot car. Come on people… It’s 2016. Why are we even still talking about this? We all know better. Moving on:

 Fur > no fur. As hot as summer is, don’t trim your pup down too much– that fur can help protect us from the sun’s harsh rays. If you do let your pup play in the sun (as you should!) keep the direct sun time limited to 1-2 hours, or they can get a nasty sunburn. Chihuahuas, for example, have little to no fur on their little bodies, so they can easily get sunburnt, and it can lead to skin cancer. If your pet does get burnt a bit, I recommend purchasing aloe vera and gently applying it on the burnt/exposed areas a few times throughout the day.

 Stay woke, stay hydrated. You’re going to be panting and on the grass wishing it was winter if you don’t stay hydrated this summer. Make sure you bring bowls, several bottles of water, and dog treats. Oh, please don’t forget the dog treats!

 Don’t spend all of your time indoors, take your pup out and have as much fun as you can while the sun is out! Puppies will be out ready to socialize and make new friends; shopkeepers will give you food and water.

Now, the plus side about summer is the amount of puppies you’ll see roaming the streets; wanting to make new friends and play out in the sun. This is your big opportunity to socialize and make as many friends as you can; maybe you’ll even find your one true love! The list I’ve compiled for you and what you should do this summer is pretty much what I want to do, so let’s begin:

 Swimming: Swim as often as you can, it’ll help your little legs turn into strong, muscular legs. Next thing you know, you’ll be out chasing after squirrels and you may even catch one!

 Explore various parks and beaches. Find your new hangout spot, so the next time you’re with pals, you can go there.

 Eat as many new foods as you can, I’m talking about going into coffee shops and using your adorable puppy eyes to get an extra piece of lemon loaf. May you can even get yourself that nicely cooked chicken from the restaurant across the street.

 Doga – yes, I’m talking about a puppy version of yoga – can be so relaxing and therapeutic. Stretch your legs, work on your somersault, and maybe even take a nap. Doga has no restrictions, except maybe don’t do your duties on your doga mat.


Do you guys have any summer safety tips? Comment below!

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