Sun, Sand, and Surf – Puppy Paradise!

dog on beach
Me and my mum at the beach!

Hey guys! Today, we’re gonna talk about one of my favourite places in the world: the beach! 95% of the ocean hasn’t been explored by human beings, which is a startling fact considering how advanced technology is, but until they release news about new discoveries, let’s talk about what you can do at the beach. Any dog will tell you they enjoy swimming more than most things, even when they look like they’re hesitant to jump in, they’re dying to get in. Most of the time, owners will throw a ball or stick into the water, which leads the dog to swim out into the water and fetch said object. However, there are many activities puppies can do with their owners besides playing fetch, and it’ll not only guarantee your dog to be happy, but it could also get you out of your comfort zone. Let’s get to it, here are some activities you can do with your puppy:

 Surfing: Not only is this a fun activity, but you’ll see incredible things out in the water. The waves will be crashing; the breeze will be blowing your hair/fur back like a model during a photoshoot, and the creatures swimming right beneath you. Get yourself and your puppy sick boards and jet out to the waves. Gnarly, dog.

 Stand-Up Paddle Boarding: If surfing is too wild of an activity for you, there’s always Stand-Up Paddle Boarding. The activity still involves boards and you’ll be out in the ocean, but it’ll be much more relaxing.

 Football: Grab yourself a football, jump into the ocean and throw it up high for your puppy. You’ll see them catch it like a true Pro.

Even though some activities may sound a little scary, I can assure you it’ll be fun, as long as you’re careful with both yourself and your puppy. If you’re not in the mood to hit up the waves, you can always build sandcastles and get your puppy to be the big, evil monster that destroys the whole city. A trip to the beach will always be fun, just don’t get yourself sunburnt and don’t go too far out into the ocean.

What are your fave beach activities? Leave a comment below!

Yapp, out.

windy beach dog
Can you tell how much I love it here?

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