Pillow Fights – Who Really Owns the Couch

Dogs Own the Couch

The dogs journey from hunting and protecting to couch potato

Most of us dogs are now considered domesticated, but it wasn’t long ago that we were cherished for our abilities to hunt, or protect our humans and their livestock.  Well, much like many of the humans I have come across, we are starting to get a bit soft.  I mean, I remember stories of dogs sleeping in barns, or open kennels in backyards.  I have even witnessed dogs in the past generation sleeping on brick mantles.

Dog waits on back porch instead of the couch
Who needs a couch when there are perfectly good bricks around

But now a quick search of Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube (or as we dogs like to call it, Pootube), you will see pictures of my fellow dogs sleeping in the most comfortable spots in the house. So, I guess you can say that we are evolving into real couch potatoes. Here are a couple of examples…

How many pillows do you think I can balance on???

So, I have decided a pillow on top of a pillow on top of a couch is the only way to go 👍😄😎

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Um, is this dog bed taken???

Do these pillows make me look fat???

My puppy parents are away so I am sleeping where ever I want. Thanks for taking care of me @runlynsrun

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Maybe if I just had a bit more stuffing, it would be perfect

WHERE'S NUGGET ?! 👀 ..Everyday they clean it up and every day I pull more out 🙊

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Now, I am the first to stand up, I mean lay down, for dog rights, but come on pups, let’s get some dignity. If we carry on with this trajectory, it won’t be long until this becomes the norm

Although, that does look super comfortable.

You can even now buy special mattresses for dogs from online specialty shops like World of Angus and Jetta Jacks.  Two great Canadian companies!

We would love to hear back from all you dogs out there.  What’s you favourite comfortable way to sleep?

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