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LED Dog Clothing & Accessories That Might Save You Life

LED Dog Clothing & Accessories That Might Save Your Life

Nothing gets our tails wagging more than when fashion meets safety and function meets form. Welcome to the world of LED dog clothing!

LED Dog Collars
LED Dog Collars

Not just light up dog collars and leashes anymore, no sir. This newly emerging dog trend offers more than utility. It also offers several unique and eye catching fashion items for dogs of all shapes and sizes. The options for LED clothing now includes pretty much everything from bandanas, to rain coats, to sneakers, to life jackets.

The complexity and features now range from simple LED lit accessories, all the way to smart phone programmable and operated clothing and accessories. The functions and features of LED clothing and accessories are often directly related to the complexity and features of the product. Considering, the night time visibility that some of these cloth and accessories can provide your pup, you can really consider them safety items. Catch this, some of the newer higher end products even offer the ability for custom messages and missing dog alerts. Check out this cool new product we ran across from Disco Dog.

You may be tempted to choose the design that you feel is most appealing or best suited given the functions you feel you and your pup may get use out of. Companies like Kurgo are creating good looking vests and even LED shoes to help with visibility at night.

It is important to consider if the clothing and accessories are comfortable for your dog to wear and if you are comfortable with the extra attention. Remember, haters are gonna hate, hate, hate.

Ugly LED Christmas Sweater
This looks like dog shaming to me

Be sure to do your homework. You want to be sure your wants and needs are aligned with what your pup would really want to be seen in. Nobody wants this kind of puppy shaming.





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