Travelling With Your K9 Companion

Jack Russell Terrier Dog Enjoying a Car Ride.

I’m sure lots of pups out there would agree with me that travelling with our owners is super fun! It’s a new adventure, like exploring uncharted territory. So many new scents to smell and new places to pee. Taking us travelling with you isn’t all fun and games though, you still need to make sure you’re taking good care of us!

If you take us travelling with you by car, you need to remember that we have needs just like you. Not exactly the same, but there are several similarities. For example, we need exercise, grooming, health products and services, parks/attractions and even daycares and training, especially for the younger pups. These are all necessities that a dog owner must consider when travelling with their dog.

When it comes to finding locations for these services and attractions for your buddy while travelling across Canada, Bark ‘n Yapp is your go-to resource! A free to use application with thousands of listings from Victoria, BC all the way to Ottawa, ON.

Oh yeah, and if you just so happen to find yourself in Columbus, Ohio then you are in luck as Bark ‘n Yapp has listings there too!

Safety and Comfort

The necessities I mentioned above are not the only things you need to keep in mind when travelling with your pup. It is also important to prepare accordingly for the trip and consider the safety and comfort of your dog.

To help ensure your pet’s comfort, be sure to pack his/her crate, as well as a comfy blanket and pillow. When it comes to pet safety, you might want to consider looking into car safety seats.

Dog owners should make it a priority to bring their dog to the vet for a checkup before they leave. Be sure to also pack enough water and food for the trip, as well as any medicine. If your pup isn’t microchipped, a tracking device is something you might want to consider.  

As we all know, travelling can be a lot of fun. However, it often requires a great degree of planning, proper execution and the need to adapt to unexpected situations. Be safe, have fun, and your pups will too!

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