K9 Summer Fashion

Summertime is finally here…..well almost.

Maybe that’s a good thing! It will give you time to help get a sense of summer fashion trends, and we’re not talking about just for you but for your dog as well. Fashion for your K9 companion is similar to that of humans in the sense that it’s not always what’s “in” that is the best style for your dog. It is often what’s best suited for your dog’s body type and what your dog is comfortable wearing.

The K9 industry continues to grow, along with the K9 fashion industry. The growing interest in doggie fashion has flooded the market with an abundance of clothing and accessories options. Enough options that you can consider your dog’s gender, type of event, weather and whatever else might be a factor in deciding your dog’s wardrobe for the day.

Pawsome Doggy Outfit Ideas

For a formal event such as a wedding or a dinner party, it is important to consider what the other guests and pup attendees will be wearing. You don’t want to be over dressed or undressed. At events such as these, keeping it classy is key. We suggest you stay away from suits and tuxedos, instead consider a vest perhaps of a seersucker fabric coupled with a bow tie.

If you happen to find yourself and your K9 companion at a backyard BBQ or a pool party, you might want to consider an entirely different kind of apparel. You might want to consider a Hawaiian shirt with some board shorts, or a bathing suit with a muscle shirt.

Then there are always those day-to-day activities and tasks, like a stroll in the park. In times like these, a nice golf shirt, a light dress, or a bandana would do just fine.

There are numerous places you can buy clothing for your dogs, such as retailers like PetSmart.

Handmade in the Hammer is an online dog accessory store and all their products are handmade! Ruff Stitched is also an online store that features all handmade dog clothing and accessories. Maple Leash is a Canadian business that provides quality dog clothing.

Don’t forget that styles and trends can change direction like the wind, so be sure to stay on top of what is the latest in fashion. Lastly, make sure you and your dog don’t clash!

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