DIY Home Dog Grooming

Fashionable pups like me love to get pampered. We love maintaining our Katy Perry-esque appearances, but we don’t always have to be sent to the groomer to achieve that! You don’t have to be a professional groomer or hairstylist to groom your dog on your own at home.

Not only can doing your own dog grooming save you money, but it can also help you maintain the desired look and amount of fur for your dog. Not to mention one less thing to schedule in your calendar, and we get more time with our owner! Below are some of my recommendations for grooming your dog on your own at home.

Clippers and scissors and combs…oh my!

First off, you will need clippers specifically for dogs. Clippers and their respective kits vary in price and features and other items included, be sure to do your research. You will also require a pair of scissors. Be sure to keep them clean and sharp! Clipper oil and sprays are helpful in lubricating, disinfecting and preventing rust.

Here are some links for clipper kits currently available on the market, the Wahl Chrome Pro Pet Clipper Kit and the Andis AGC 1-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper Kit.

Before you start with the scissors and clippers, it is important to comb your dog first. When you are grooming your dog, be sure to go slow. Otherwise, you could leave lines on your dog. Make sure to not go against the grain and instead move the clippers in the direction of the hair growth.

Make sure you have a strong hold on your dog! This is where a grooming arm and table might come into play.

Once you are done grooming, be sure to give your dog a bath. Use shampoo and make sure your dog is on a non-slip surface, regardless of what you are washing your dog in.

Lastly, be sure to clip your dog’s nails if required. Here are some links to pet nail clippers, the Sunbeam Lighted Pet Nail Trimmer and the FURminator Dog Nail Clippers.

Don’t forget to give your dog a treat after all is said and done! If you do the job right, your dog may end up looking as good as the dog in the picture below. However, you might also need an amazing view and photography skills to get the same effect!


Mind those fingers!

If the thought of taking on this task seems a bit daunting, you can always look to a professional groomer. You can find pretty of them listed on Bark ‘n Yapp. Worry about going to a groomer for the first time? Check out our recent blog post on what to keep in mind.

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