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Smart technology has made its way over to the dog world with the creation of the smart collar. Sure your dog doesn’t have a cell phone to receive notifications on its whereabouts and activity, but you likely do! This is a new technology that has the ability to provide several benefits to dogs and their owners. Each collar is different and provides its own unique set of features. Two main types of collars are GPS trackers and Activity monitors.

GPS trackers can provide location updates and location history. They also include a virtual fence, virtual leash, and low battery alerts. Activity monitor collars have the ability to monitor vitals and activity levels, including temperature, pulse, respiration, activity levels, positions/posture and calorie counts. The previously mentioned features require several technological components to work, including but not limited to; GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, magnetometer, cellular technologies, data packages, rechargeable batteries, 3d accelerometer and LED lights.

Considering everything that goes into this technology, it should be no surprise that it also offers the ability for online communities between dogs and their owners. This allows the ability for gamification, social networking, information sharing and several other possibilities.

A leading GPS tracker collar available in Canada is the Pet Vu GPS Tracker.13174182_948998265217868_4430040201419165260_n This GPS tracker is small and lightweight, offers a user intuitive mobile app (see picture below) and is easy to install. The collar is water resistant and comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 7 days and recharges in about an hour. This GPS collar operates on Rogers Wireless and Bell Mobility Networks, which provides the ability to locate your dog anywhere in Canada.


As if all the features and functions of the Pet Vu GPS Tracker aren’t enough, it even attaches to your dog’s collar with ease and offers a sleek appearance.


Absolutely stunning!

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