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Now, I’m a dog who really loves my human. That means I try to do things to make my human happy. However, something I just can’t seem to always do well is stay out of messes! No matter how much my owner cleans or grooms me, I always seem to make a mess right after.

Sure, there are those dogs that don’t shed and don’t have much of a smell to them, but for those of us who have a bit of a smell and like to leave bits of our lovely fur coats around the house, it may be time for you, our owners, to learn a few dog hygiene tricks. Not only can this make a better environment for you and your dog, but for your guests as well!

Gettin’ Clean!

There are numerous dog hygiene tips to help keep both your house clean and you dog happy. Grooming vacuum attachments are a great way to help maintain your dog’s coat in-between grooming sessions. Just some of the benefits with these tools are that they help remove loose hair, remove dead skin cells and capture allergens.

Check out the links below for information on some of the available grooming vacuum attachments out there: FURminator Pet Hair Vacuum AccessoryVital Vacuum Pet GroomerDyson Groom Tool.

Another useful item to have around the house and bring with you and on your travels with your dog is a deodorizing dog spray. Several of these products not only help to deodorize your dog’s coat but also helps to moisturize it.

These links show just a couple of the deodorizing dog sprays available: CHI Deodorizing Dog SprayBurt’s Bees for Dogs Deodorizing Spray.

Be sure to also brush your dog regularly! Not brushing regularly can cause your dog’s coat to matt, which can be painful and even cause skin irritation or sores. Detangler and shine products can also help treated a matted coat. Brushes, brushing techniques and brushing requirements may vary from dog to dog.

Lastly, be sure to bathe your dog regularly and as needed. This may vary based on the type of breed and day to day activities of your dog.

All this could very well result in your dog smelling like fresh air. Kind of like the dog in the picture below!



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