Being a Responsible Dog Owner

Things To Consider Before Getting a Dog

Being a new pup-parent is never an easy thing. Bark ‘n Yapp has created a resource to help new pup parents find, share, rate and review products and services. However, this only helps with part of the responsibility of being a dog owner. Being aware of your surroundings and demonstrating responsible dog ownership at all times is up to you! I am not the authority on this but since I am a rather smart dog, I do advise a few simple acts of common courtesy.

1. Socialize your pup

Social interactions are something that should not be taken lightly, especially for a puppy. All puppies should be properly socialized to ensure they are calm around strangers and new environments. Dog owners should take this aspect of ownership seriously if they do not want their dog to be known as the aggressive dog on the block!

2. Leash your dog

Be sure to always keep your dog on a leash, except for in off-leash areas. If you think your dog requires a muzzle, there’s a good chance he/she probably does and you should take the appropriate and necessary actions.

3. Be respectful of others

Understand that as much as you love your beloved pet, not everyone is comfortable around dogs (which I personally don’t understand, we’re adorable!). If you have guests coming over, inform them beforehand that you have a dog. If you plan on bringing your dog to someone else’s house, let them know as well! When you go outside with your dog, make sure to have poop bags on you and to always clean up after him/her. Lastly, do not leave your dog outside barking for all the neighbours to hear.

4. NEVER leave your dog alone in a car

Especially on warm days, the temperature in a car increases extremely quickly. In very high temperatures, dogs can sustain brain damage and in extreme situations, death. Not only is leaving your dog alone in a car dangerous for its health, but your dog will most likely be barking to get out.


This is just to name a few acts of common courtesy. I encourage you to act in a responsible manner and continue to improve your dog ownership skills and awareness!

Don’t forget that us dogs live in a society based around and structured by humans. Considering this, I encourage dog owners to take their furry friends to off-leash parks where they can be themselves. Sure most of the suggestions above still apply, but all you have to do is look at the picture below to see true dog manners in action between dogs as a result of responsible dog ownership.


These dogs appear to be having a formal introduction with one another!

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