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The 14th Annual Woofstock, billed as the largest outdoor festival designed for dogs and the people who love them, is now open. The gates opened precisely at 10 am Saturday May 27th, at Woodbine Park for this 2-day festival devoted to dogs. This year, unlike previous years, there was an entrance fee of $12. Is it worth it? What are your thoughts about the event? Let’s interview our Bark Ambassadors and find out!

#supernovahusky on the ttc
Super Nova Husky – 9m old Husky

Was it easy getting to the event?

It was an adventure getting to Woofstock today! We had to go on a subway, then a bus, then a subway and then on the bus again to get there. Mommy and Daddy didn’t know there was a service suspension between St George and Broadview stations and we had to be crammed onto shuttle buses. This service suspension is going to affect tomorrow too. Plan extra time commuting! It wasn’t that bad, the TTC staff were quite organized!

What was your favourite part of the festival?

#dogtalesrescue photoboothMy favourite part of the festival was all the free photo booths because we love taking pictures! The best one was from Dog Tale’s Rescue. They are a dog rescue and a horse sanctuary set out on 50 acres of land up in King City. If you’re looking to adopt a dog or looking for ways to volunteer, I would definitely check them out! Let me know what you think of this picture of my brother and I! Check more of these beautiful pictures of puppies and their owners on Instagram with the #DOGTALESRESCUE.



Halley’s Comet – 15m old Husky

What new things did you see?

Mommy and Daddy says I shed a lot (just look at our couch). We came across this innovative company, SOOS, that makes dog body products from the Dead Sea! The friendly lady used the Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner Hypoallergenic on me and she was able to get rid of my excess hair, like magic! I smelled great and feel a lot lighter! If you’re having trouble with shedding, or looking for a pet friendly product – I totally recommend this one, paws down! Check them out at Woofstock for a buy one get one half price discount! Tell your mommy to get a bottle and it’ll be an at home spaw treatment! Check out my review on them here!

What Yummy things did you try?

I really loved the all natural treats from DogsAge – they offer essential supplements for older dogs! They also have some pretty innovative products such as a 4 hour sunscreen for the nosy! #didyouknow that dogs aren’t allowed to have products with SPF? I didn’t know that! Check them out as they have pretty cool items.

Chili – 9 Yr Old Nova Scotia Ducktolling Retriever

Were there lots of dogs there?

I was warned by my Dad before going that I would probably see lots of dogs there and boy was he right! All sorts of dogs that all looked very different than me. Although I did meet 2 other NSDTRs. We had come from a GTA Dog Meet Up at Kew Beach Off Leash Park/Beach, so I was already a bit tired from all the swimming and ball chasing. That meant I was a bit grumpy. My Dad had to apologize a few times for my inappropriate behaviour. What can I say, I have issues with others dogs getting in my face. I know some of you can understand that. Anyway, it did help him give out some bandanas for Bark ‘n Yapp, because overtime I was grumpy with another dog, he had to give them one. That was our deal.

My pack getting ready to storm Woofstock

Did you meet anyone you knew?

My nose was pretty keen and although on high alert for treats, I was able to sniff out a few people I knew. We ran in to my groomer Rachel from K-9 Clippers. I hadn’t seen her in a while and my Dad was totally impressed that I could remember her. It was easy, because I really like her :).  We also saw our good friends from Unison Pet Supplies. They are always so friendly to me and gave me some really cool treats to sample. My Dad also made a new friend down there and I could tell she was a real dog lover. Her name was Claire and has this awesome company called Rescue Coffee. I not a big coffee drinker, but now that I have a rescue sister. Petal, I think anyone that caters to helping rescues is pretty cool

Petal – 2 Yr Old Mini Potcake

 Did you find lots of treats?

You betcha! They were everywhere and all I had to do was walk up to every booth and like magic, a hand would reach down and give me something. Gotta love that. One of my favourites is Amber’s Barkery. Amber's BarkeryThey always have such great treats in really neat flavours and are never shy on the samples. If you love to try different treats and then surprise your Mom and Dad the next day when they go to pick up your poop, well, Woofstock is one of the best places to try out. Yum, yum, yum!

How would you rate Woofstock

I think this year it was a bit crowded for the number of booths, so everything seemed a bit tight, even though it was in a big open area. Much tighter than last year, but there didn’t seem to be as many people. I did hear a lot of humans talking about having to pay this year and didn’t seem entirely happy about that. I think I would give it 3 paws up this year.


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What’s Next?

If you liked Woofstock this year, even if you had to pay the $12 fee, you would definitely like next week’s event Slobberfest. It s a free event at by the off leash dog park near Woodbine Beach. It is in the open green area at the bottom of Lee Ave and Alfresco Lawn. Come and join us on this fun event! I look forward to hearing all your comments about Woofstock below! A fun day doggie event!


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