Toronto Man Clones Dead Dog For 80,000 USD

Matthew Johnson with his now deceased dog, Woofie.

After his beloved dog died, a Toronto man went all in to have his Woofie cloned.

Matthew Johnson was devastated when his dingo-shepherd cross passed away last August. Johnson compared the loss secondary to losing his mother. As a result, he decided he would do everything he can to keep Woofie with him and contacted an American company, ViaGen Pets, to have Woofie cloned.

“If you have the money do it,” he said. “If you love your dog and your dog meant that much to you it’s definitely worth it.”

Woofie was an integral part of Johnson’s life, and he claims that Woofie is the sole reason he was able to walk again. 5 years ago, Johnson contracted a very rare form of bacterial meningitis and his entire left side was left paralyzed. When he was in the hospital, his brother brought Woofie to visit. Woofie slept on the bed next to Johnson and he says she was the motivation for him to walk again.

“I was dying and in palliative care for months. I had to learn to walk, talk and was all messed up. She was the only reason I didn’t kill myself or let go.”

The Results!

One of the genetic clones of Woofie.

The result from the procedure was two genetically identical puppies that Johnson named Woofie Jr. and Blondie. When Johnson met the clones a couple weeks after they were born by their surrogate mother, he said the experience was surreal.

Johnson says that both the clones have temperaments very similar to the original Woofie. According the company that cloned the dogs, both Woofie Jr. and Blondie are healthy and should live as long as the original Woofie.


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