Are You Being Pet Fooled?

Netflix released a new documentary, Pet Fooled, in January 2017; exploring the pet food industry, on what is actually in commercial pet food and behind the scenes of how pet food is manufactured and sold to the consumers.

“How do you know which brand of dog food is the best for your dog?”

The film was first debuted at the Catalina Film Festival and took nearly six years to make. This film’s subject matter is something that most pet owners know little about but not to the fullest extent. The inspiration of the film started when Michael Fossat, the producer of Pet Fooled, noticed that his dog was becoming very itchy and he decided to ask his groomer whether he had fleas. His groomer said no, but suggested that perhaps the dog was allergic to grain and so they offered him an expensive bag of wheat and grain free kibbles. The more Fossat started to research about the wheat and grain free kibbles option,  the more he started to unravel the truth behind the pet food industry and the results were shocking.

“Dr. Dan McChesney of FDA openly stated that FDA will allow diseased or dead/non-slaughtered animals in pet food”

How many pet owners will pay $200 a month more if there was a pill that would increase your pet’s life span, their vitality, their overall health, and get rid of allergy problems, and even decrease the chance of cancer? Some people would buy this pill because they love their pets but what if we told you the answer to those questions can simply be answered by just a change in their diet? For how ever much that you’re spending on kibbles today, there are alternative, real food, out there to provide these benefits to your pet.

“We’ve been conditioned culturally through advertising to believe a certain way. Companies are spending tens of millions of dollars to advertise their products. After awhile, it becomes a normal part of your thinking.” — Kohl Harrington, Film Producer

Whether you are currently feeding your dog kibbles or you’re thinking of switching, do check out this great documentary and remember to share this post with your friends and family. We would love to see your comments and reviews below. Was this a good pick?


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