Soi Dog’s Fight Against the Dog Meat Trade

John Dalley, one of the amazing founders of the Soi Dog Foundation.

What is Soi Dog Canada?

Soi Dog is South East Asia’s largest organization helping stray animals. Their mission is:

improve the welfare of dogs and cats
in Asia, resulting in better lives for both the animal and
human communities, to create a society without homeless animals, and to ultimately end animal cruelty.

They accomplish this through their numerous programs and initiatives, such as

  • preventing suffering by vaccinating dogs and cats
  • treating sick, injured, and abused animals
  • fighting the illegal and inhumane dog meat trade
  • feeding, rescuing and re-homing street dogs and cats
  • educating schoolchildren on animal welfare

One of Soi Dog’s biggest battles is ending the dog meat trade in South East Asia. Millions of dogs are trafficked every year in this illegal trade and often are brutally tortured and killed, based on the myth that pain tenderizes the animals’ meat.

Soi Dog works to raise awareness of this cruel industry, and also works with Thailand law enforcement to rescue trafficked dogs and capture smugglers.

Soi Dog Foundation’s battle against the dog meat industry spans Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, and China. They are currently running a large scale campaign in Korea to raise the public’s awareness to the gruesome dog meat industry, as well as working with South Korea’s National Assembly to tackle the issues of animal welfare. To sign a petition to outlaw the dog meat trade in Korea, click here. Soi Dog also helped successfully transport 100 dogs that survived last year’s Yulin Festival.

Have room in your home for another animal? Adopt!

Actor Kellan Lutz, best known for playing Emmett Cullen in the Twilight films, visiting the Soi Dog Foundation’s shelter in Thailand.

Soi Dog has numerous dogs and cats in their Thailand shelter that are still awaiting their forever homes. No adoption fee is charged to adopt from Soi Dog, all you need to pay is the transportation fee to fly your new family member home! Take a look at all the adorable and loving dogs that need a home here.

What you can do to help from home

Help spread the word! Like and invite your friends to like Soi Dog Foundation’s Facebook page, and Soi Dog Canada‘s. You can also sponsor a dog or a cat at Soi Dog Foundation. The sponsorship will be used to provide continual care for the animals. If you’d like to donate to Soi Dog Foundation, donate here. Remember, every bit counts and it’s all going to directly helping the animals without homes in South East Asia.

For more information on the Soi Dog Foundation, visit their website or contact the Soi Dog Canada representative, Candace Cornock at

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