Puppy-Proofing Your Home!

I’m sure we can all agree that puppies are adorable. Their adorable little faces, their heads and paws that are slightly too large for their bodies, wiggly tails, their teething and ability to get into absolutely everything…okay maybe those last two things aren’t the cutest. Well fear not! I, Treat, will tell you all about how to puppy-proof your home. Since I was once a puppy myself, I do believe I am quite qualified on this subject matter.

The Sleeping Room

The Sleeping Room is where the comfy bed is and it’s one of my favourite rooms. This room has so many things that smell like my owner, from clothes to shoes to bags. For an eager puppy, anything lying on the ground is fair game to snatch up and drag around, or even chew on. I would suggest owners to make sure to not leave anything on the ground and keep clothes out of reach for a young pup.

The Yummy Food Room

This room is where my owners prepare their meals. I get to munch on whatever they drop! This room is amazing, but can also be very dangerous for a young dog. Lots of cabinets and drawers means lots of places to stick your nose where it shouldn’t be. Owners should get childproof latches to make sure no curious pup can open up a drawer and find all the knives.

Another goldmine for puppies is the trashcan! Make sure your trashcan is either has a lid your dog can’t open or is tucked away in a cabinet. From my experience, my owners were never happy when I dug out everything in the trashcan.

The TV Room

This room was always the most fun for me as a puppy. There was the Magical Screen called the TV, there are always so many cords lying around, and all the plants to sniff! To make sure your puppy doesn’t wreck havoc, keep all cords tucked away out of reach or bind them with a chew-proof PVC tube. Make sure magazines are put away so a puppy can’t tear them up, and keep this room clutter free! A teething puppy will put whatever it can into its mouth.

If you have plants, make sure to keep them out of reach or ensure that your puppy can’t get into the pot or chew up the leaves.

The Magical Bowl Room

This is a room my owners call the “bathroom.” This room usually contains lots of small objects like razors, pill bottles, and soaps that a puppy can ingest. Ensure that all of these are out of reach for your puppy if you want to avoid a trip to the vet. You may want to consider keeping the toilet bowl lid on to prevent your puppy from taking a swim or drinking from it.


Before taking a puppy home, makes sure to go through your entire home to ensure that there’s nothing potentially dangerous lying around for your puppy to find. The more thoroughly you puppy-proof, the easier it’ll make your life, and your pup’s!

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