Tweets, Barks ‘n Yapps Week 8

Yapps Week 8

A collection of the funniest dog tweets, barks n yapps from the past week

Each week we stick our head out of the doghouse and sniff out some fun 140-character tweets, barks and yapps from our most clever hounds. The dogs of Twitter are here to brighten your day and bring a smile to your face…as only a dog can. Scroll through the list below and check out past Barks n Yapps page to see what else we were able to dig up.

If there is a pup you know that we missed, just bark it out to us in the comment section and we will make sure we follow.

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Who knew riding the rails could be so much fun!

Don’t you just hate it when important meetings get interrupted

Looks like another case of puppy brain

Now that is one big pup!

Shade, cool foliage and a tongue out…these are 3 of our favourite thing

Ok, we get it, it’s summer. You are rocking’ the thick dark coat though

Whaaaaaat! This is blowing our minds

Ah, puppies and food, is there anything better?

Just another reason to HATE cats. Huge jerks

Dun…Dun, Dun..Dun, Dun..Dun, Dun Dun Dun Dun. Be very afraid

Hey Bernice, those dogs aren’t packing themselves. Oh ya, I see you are not from the Working Class family

Whoever smelt it dealt it…just sayin’

Always love a sense of adventure

Why is it always up to use dogs to teach humans how to pose for great pictures

Pug in a purse, really!!! Does their cuteness know no boundaries?

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