Petal, the Bark ‘n Beauty!

Bark ‘n Yapp is on a quest to highlight pups in a special way through our new Bark ‘n Beauty campaign! This campaign will provide you with an inside look into these famous little pups’ lives so we can all get to know them a little better.

Introducing our 3rd Bark ‘n Beauty…Petal!

Hiya everyone! My name is Petal and I’m a little potcake rescue from the Dominican! I was brought into Canada by a woman named Carly who is now working at Coveted Canines. They were so wonderful and helped me find my forever home with my new mom, dad, and big sister Chili.

No one knows exactly what breed I am but I definitely have a bit of rat terrier in me. My mom thinks I am a collection of unwanted dog parts that all seem to fit together.

There are a couple things everyone always comments about me. First, they always mention how big my ears are. Well, the better to hear you with…even though I actually often pretend I don’t hear commands from mom and dad…

Me in my favourite lying position

Second, everyone mentions just how funny I look when I lie down! You may laugh at me, but I’m as comfy as can be, so joke’s on you guys.

Lastly but DEFINITELY not least, I am a big lovebug. My favourite hobby is kissing. No matter who I meet, first thing I do is run up to them and shower them with love so that they will never wonder who loves them most between me and my big sis. If I’m not smothering you with licks, then you’ll probably find me staring at you lovingly as you go about your day.

One of my most recent achievements was primping up my Instagram! I decided that a life of fame and fortune is not a bad one to live, so I embarked on the journey to stardom. I started off with just a little over 60 followers in late June 2017 and now I’ve reached over 3000! The next goal is 10,000, because I like to reach for the stars. Follow me on my adventures and I’ll promise to shower your feed with a daily dose of cuteness.

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Sunny days are the best days! ☀️

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