Nova, the Bark ‘n Beauty!

Bark ‘n Yapp is on a quest to highlight pups in a special way through our new Bark ‘n Beauty campaign! This campaign will provide you with an inside look into these famous little pups’ lives so we can all get to know them a little better.

Introducing our next Bark ‘n Beauty…Super Nova!

Hi! I’m Super Nova and I’m a Husky/White Sheppard? We’re not sure because mommy and daddy adopted me from SPCA in Newmarket. I was abandoned at the dog park by my previous owner in the middle of December. Luckily, mommy tracked me down and brought me home. I was underweight and malnourished but I was glad mommy and daddy makes me tons and tons of yummy food and now I’m even heavier than my brother! I am also the laziest dog you’ll ever meet. I love sleeping on mommy and daddy’s bed. I am so lazy, I don’t jump onto the bed but I climb up, very very slowly. Because of my past malnutrition, I started a raw dog food company with my brother and we deliver raw dog food to other dogs in the Toronto and the GTA. We want to ensure all dogs are eating healthy and growing strong like me! 


Check out Nova’s pictures on Instagram: b.a.r.f.bento

If you’d like your dog to be featured as one of our Bark ‘n Beauties, simply fill out this form and you’ll see your pooch in the spotlight! Check out our past Bark ‘n Beauties here!

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