Chili, the Bark ‘n Beauty

Bark ‘n Yapp is on a quest to highlight pups in a special way through our new Bark ‘n Beauty campaign! This campaign will provide you with an inside look into these famous little pups’ lives so we can all get to know them a little better.

Introducing our next Bark ‘n Beauty…Chili!

Ok, so I may not be the most perfect looking Toller, but I can’t believe it took so long for them to realize I am a Bark ‘n Beauty. I mean really, just look at me. Aren’t I gorgeous!

Me smiling in front of some petals that are prettier than my sister, Petal!

For those of you unfamiliar with my kind, I am a Nova Scotia Ducktolling Retriever, or Toller for short. Me and my kind are hard-driving retrievers that never give up. We are also considered one of the more intelligent breeds out there because we love to learn and then put our learning into practice. So, I am not saying we are suppose to be smarter than you, I am saying we ARE smarter than you. Ego? Me? Nah, I am just a bit of a prima-dogga.

So, let me tell you a bit about my upbringing. My pup-parents are actually second generation Toller owners. From all the stories I heard, my predecessor was a pretty incredible guy who was also my great-uncle. That said, I have had some pretty big shoes to fill and that has not always been easy (that second child syndrome is never easy). Add to that the fact that when I came into this world, my pup-parents had an old and somewhat ornery Jack Russell Terrorist, or my dear ‘ol mom as I like to call her. She taught me how to do a bunch of things like treating others dogs as vermin (which means that their population must be controlled) and to always enter a situation ready for a fight.

Now, you might think that from this that I am mean, but the truth is, I am super friendly to every human I meet and pretty much have a smile on my face all the time. I will admit, I do have space issues with other pups, especially when it comes to me and my ball.

Um excuse me Petal why are you in my bed?

Just an old pup!

I am now 9 and what I like to think is that I am now a senior statesman. What that means is that I am wise and can teach others. If you ask my pup-parents, they would tell you there is nothing further from the truth. For instance, last year they brought home a new younger sister for me, Petal – you can see her Bark ‘n Beauty post here.

I really tried my hardest to take her under my wing and show her how the real world worked. I taught her how to bark at every person that passed by the house to make sure that they didn’t come in, I taught her that everything in the neighbourhood is already mine by marking over her pee overtime she went and most importantly I taught her that she will never own a ball that is within our yard as long as I live. All pretty important life lessons as far as I am concerned. Now according to my pup-parents, I am old, bitchy, set in my ways and a bit of a drama queen. Tomato, tomaato.

What am I up to nowadays?

Over the past 2 years my life has really changed. My daddy was always traveling, so I never really got to see him much, but he decided to start a new company that is totally devoted to dogs. So, everyday I now get to go to an office and meet new people and new dogs. Everybody loves me and I get lots of belly rubs, which makes me super happy.

I also get to try out lots of new off-leash parks. This also means I get to steal balls from other dogs. Not everyone likes that, but at 9 I can still out run most others dogs, so if you go it, flaunt it is what I say.

I am also now learning all about social media. You can now find me Bark ‘n Yapp (search for Chili), on Instagram and on Twitter!

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This is how I celebrate #canada150 #canada150🇨🇦 Me and my 🎾. What more could a dog want #mydogrunsthe6ix

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So, that gives you a bit if a picture of me. Hopefully I will see you in the dog park one day. You can challenge me to a race, but do you really want to lose to an old bitch like me? Oh, and I promise I WILL steal your ball ;).


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