Who Doesn’t Love Wet Dogs?

Berczy Dog Fountain

Well, at Bark ‘n Yapp WE LOVE WET DOGS!

So, it’s a wrap.

The Bark ‘n Yapp Berczy Dog Fountain Pup Pic Contest was a rousing success! I couldn’t be prouder of my brothers and sisters on the efforts put forward to get some great shots

There were over 20 fantastic entries, and in the words of Donald Trump…they were the best and frankly some of the greatest dog pictures ever, so what can I say, I know them all and they are all huge stars, blah, blah, blah. If you don’t believe “The Donald”, check it out for yourself.

Processed with VSCO with preset
Rory WP Photo_Fotor
IMG_1969 - Rebecca DiPasquale copy
IMG_0872 - Justin Stayshyn (1)
Bo 5
Bean WP Photo_Fotor
Pup Pic Finalist - Mochi
Pup Pic Finalist - Mila
Pup Pic Finalist - Toby
Pup Pic Finalist - Tempo
Pup Pic Finalist - Oakley
Pup Pic Finalist - Norman
Pup Pic Finalist - Jasper
Pup Pip Finalist - Flynn
Berczy Pup Pic Contest - Amira

The support for all the pups was amazing and after receiving over 1200 likes on the Bark ‘n Yapp Facebook Page, the field was narrowed to the Top 10.

Votes poured in over the final week of voting. Our paws were super busy counting up over 1500 votes and in the end, 3 dogs stood out and “rained” supreme under the Berczy Dog Fountain.

The Top 3 for 2017 are:

Cooper – Boston Terrier, Male, 7 Months Old
Pup Pic Finalist - Tempo
Tempo – Sheltie, 9.5 Years Old
Pup Pic Finalist - Toby
Toby – Malshi (Matlese x Shih Tzu), 3 Months Old

Bark ‘n Yapp would like to thank our great sponsors for this contest

Sip a Cup, Save a Life
For You and Your Pet
Treats and Toys Delivered Right To Your Door

If you have pictures of your pup at the fountain that you would like to share, please send them to info@barknaypp.com and we will share them out on our social channels.

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