Show Some Real Puppy Love This Valentines

Valentine’s Day is always a great excuse to spoil the ones you love, but why should humans get all the fun? “But my dog has SO many toys already!” I hear you cry. Well, fear not – these goodies will be gone before you know it (and are Blue-approved)! Here are my picks of the best edible doggie delights in Toronto, so your dog enjoys Valentine’s this year as much as you will.

Did someone say treats?!

B.A.R.F. Bento

B.A.R.F. BentoThis company serves the GTA with their delicious artisanal handcrafted 100% Canadian cookies made with organically-sourced ingredients. Their goal is to bring the BARF (biologically approved raw food) diet to as many people as possible. So, in addition to being a get source of yummy, biologically appropriate Valentine’s treats, they’re also a great place to start if you’re looking to transition your pup to raw food.

Pawsalicious Bakery

Pawsalicious logoThis home-based bakery located in Markham is run by pet owners who really care about what goes into their dog treats, and they only use healthy, organic ingredients for their products (which are all made in-house). Dog beer and dog wine? Check! Pawscottis? You bet! Truffles? Yessir! They even cater pawtys, with cake flavours ranging from pumpkin-honey, to sweet potato, to peanut butter banana.

Dogfather and Co.

Dogfather and CoDog father and Co, located in Rosedale, is a pup retailer, spaw and cafe. Their bakery is highly rated and specializes in offering local, organic, hand-baked gourmet cookies, cakes and cupcakes. You can order custom cakes, or pick from their range of cakes kept on-hand in store. Whether your picky pooch loves carrot, chicken liver or beef, this place has you covered. And fantastic news – their Valentine’s cookies have arrived!

The Dog Market

The Dog MarketThis bakery claims to carry the best dog treats, and they get their ingredients direct from local human-grade bakeries. They offer both fun and fancy treats, but the most interesting feature is that their treats are also appropriate for human consumption(!) so you really know that you’re giving your dog the best (your taste buds may not agree…). Fun fact: this store was also rated Toronto’s Best Pet Store 2015 through 2017.

The Barkery

The BarkeryValentine’s cookies are now in stock at this Stratford-based location (okay, it’s, a little outside Toronto… but with offerings this good, we thought it still deserved a mention). The Barkery is an all-natural bakery dedicated to providing delicious, nutritious and healthy treats. Something special about this bakery is that they never use harmful food colouring or dyes on their decorated treats, so you can be sure what you’re feeding your pup does them good (as well as tasting delicious!). Oh, and they also deliver across Canada. Place your orders for fresh baked treats online and can be delivered directly to your front door.

And – as if you needed an excuse – it also happens to be National Dog Biscuit Day on February 23rd!

Valentines Apparel

Looking for something a little longer-lasting to spoil your fur-kid? Take a look at some of these super cute apparel finds to get your Valentine V-day-ready. These Etsy stores ship to Canada (and have lots of awesome products year-round):

Looking for a good time, not a long time

Or if you’re simply looking to enjoy spending Valentine’s Day with your pooch (your time is the most precious thing you’ll ever give them, after all), take a look at these dog-friendly Valentine’s activities that your pooch can enjoy too.

To give your fur baby the gift of your time (and a good time!) take a look at these suggestions:

  • Explore Provincial or National Parks together. Hikes, dog beaches and off-leash parks? Yes please!
  • Check out Bark ‘n Yapp for some of the great indoor play parks in the GTA, or one of the many off-leash parks.
  • Sample some baked Valentines day goodies (from one of our links above!).
  • Curl up and take a nap together. Bonus points if you provide blankets and belly rubs.
  • Make an appointment at the dog spa, or pamper your pooch at one of the many Pet Valu self-serve dog washes.
  • Have Valentine’s photos taken of your pooch.
Whatever you end up doing, we hope you and your pups have a wonderful Valentine’s day!

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