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Sun's Out Pups Out

Sun’s Out = Pups Out

With the arrival of Spring, a pup’s mind starts to dream of long walks in the wonderful parks and trails around Toronto.

Blue in Forks of Credit 1Toronto is blessed with some amazing Provincial Parks within driving distance of downtown.

One park that me and my hoomans are excited to explore again is Forks of the Credit Provincial Park. My hoomans enjoy the Meadow Trail the most, and me, I love, love, love the lake.

This is a dog friendly trail and there is a pretty much a 100% chance you will run into other pups while you are out exploring. Some will be off leash, but not me man. I can’t always be trusted to do the right things , so my hoomans like to keep me where they can see me. 🙂

There are lots of Provincial Parks that are open year round, but the arrival of Spring means everyone starts enjoying the parks again!

Forks of the Credit Provincial Park is just a 5 minute drive from a lovely village called Belfountain. This is a beautiful little hamlet on the Forks of the Credit and a great place to export little shops and grab a coffee or drink after a nice hike.

A pleasant walk with only Mother Nature to interrupt you

Forks of the Credit MapThe park consists of 2 major trails: Meadow Trail and The Trans Canada Trail. From the main parking lot off McLaren Road, if you go east, you are on the Trans Canada Trail and if you go west, you soon come to a fork in the trail. To the left if the Trans Canada Trail and to the right is the Meadow Trail. If you take the Trans Canada Trail it will take you to the south side of a large Kettle Lake.

Forks of the Credit Park 2

Once you are on the SW side of the Kettle Lake, you will come to another fork in the trail. Stay to the right to finish looping the lake on the Kettle Trail, or go to the left to stay on the Trans Canada Trail.

At the end of the Kettle Trail, you can turn right to head back toward the parking lot, Forks of the Credit Park 3but what fun would that be. You should turn left and wander out on the Meadow Trail.

This is a really pleasant walk with great views and some steep hills in the area that I am told are the remnants of till (gravel deposits) left behind by the glaciers as they melted away from this area more than 10,000 years ago. How cool is that!

One word of caution this time of year…TICKS! Yes, unfortunately, they are everywhere this year and the trails can be the worst. Make sure your hoomans check you out after your are finished your walk to make sure you aren’t carrying any extra passengers. You can find out more on ticks in a previous post from our resident vet, brendon

Forks of the Credit Park 5
Forks of the Credit Park 6
Forks of the Credit Park 7
Forks of the Credit Park 8
Forks of the Credit Park 4

Year Round Hiking and Picnicking

The Forks of the Credit Provincial Park is open year round for hiking and picnicking.

You can read more about the park here. My hoomans request that you check here for delayed park openings (to avoid disappointment!).

See you on the trails!

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