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Toronto from Trillium Park

Exploring the Shores of Toronto

Ontario Place-Trillium Park

Spring has finally arrived in Toronto,. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably itching to get outside and explore this beautiful city!

Toronto from Trillium ParkIf you haven’t visited the waterfront portion of Ontario Place in a while, you’ll definitely be in for a big surprise. The City of Toronto has recently transformed a large parking lot into Trillium Park, a 7.5 acres spectacular public green space right on the water. And best of all, it’s dog friendly!

Even with my four legs, it’s a short walk from downtown Toronto. In fact, it’s only 3 km from the CN Tower. Even those tiny purse dogs can make that kind of trek. From my home turf of Liberty Village, it just a 10-15 minute walk, depending on the number of places I need to mark.

The Ravine is the gateway to the park

Ontario Place-Trillium Park 3

Trillium Park can be found on the east end of Ontario Place. There are 2 stone walls as you enter the park that celebrates the First Nations heritage and culture. I was careful not to mark in this area.

There are so many great sites to see down in this area. And to make it easy, the 1.3km William G. Davis Trail winds through the park and gives you great views of Lake Ontario and downtown Toronto. The trail is really very flat, so will give pups and hoomans a really nice walk. And by the number of times my mom stopped to take my picture, I am guessing it’s also a pretty Instagram-worthy place!

Year-round Dog Fun

When we visited last year, my paw-rents were really impressed with how they transformed the space, and it just keeps improving. There are little beach areas, lots of cool areas to explore and the park has walkable, dog-friendly paths. The fire pits and beach look like they will be very popular this summer, and it’s nice that the space has been utilised in this way. There are even water fountains for dogs (and hoomans)!

Ontario Place-Trillium Park 4Some of the old buildings are still closed or boarded up, so my hoomans look forward to seeing how the city will eventually utilize those spaces. I look forward to attempting to steal food from people having picnics in Trillum Park. And enjoying the trails!

Let us know what you think of the new Ontario Place/Trillium Park space!

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