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Hi everyone, I’m an eleven-year-old male ex-breeding Samoyed originally from Snowy Bear Kennels in Selkirk, MB, but now living with my new hoomans in n the King West/Liberty Village area of Toronto. Since I am new Toronto to recently retired, I am now forcing my hoomans to help me explore the world. Hope you enjoy my journeys!

Wow, where to begin…Trinity-Bellwoods and King West are 2 of the most vibrant and dog friendly neighbourhoods in all of Toronto. They are also 2 of the original neighbourhoods in “Old Toronto”.

Trinity–Bellwoods is bounded on the east by Bathurst Street, on the north by College Street, on the south by Queen Street West, and by Dovercourt Road on the west. King West is directly south of Trinity-Bellwoods and extending to Spadina St (the Fashion District).

These two neighbourhoods have been re-gentrified over the 15 years with many older homes being renovated and new condos being developed. It has become a highly sought after area for many millennials, with trendy clothing and furniture retailers, as well as great restaurants and coffee bars. It also boasts one of the highest dog populations in Toronto.

Trinity-Bellwoods and King West Dog Friendly Spawtlight Toronto
Map of neighbourhood

Where Pups Shop

With such a large number of dog loving and owning working professionals in these neighbourhoods, it’s not surprising to see such a large number of product and service suppliers. These neighbourhoods are full of veterinarians, dog walkers and dog daycares. Many of businesses also offer multiple services under one roof…so great for one-stop-shopping.

Going Shopping for PuppySince this is one of the original areas of “Old Toronto”, the buildings are usually fairly small and car traffic is generally bad. That also means more small, independent businesses than big box retailers. This also makes it a great area to park and walk. You can walk for miles and miles and see so many great places.

Check the links below to find out more on the businesses.





Dog Walkers & Sitters

Other Services


Blue’s Favourites

Favourite Store: Spaw Boutique

Best Pampering Experience: Death in Venice Gelato…when my mom shares!

Hidden Gem: Trinity Bellwoods Park during Cherry Blossom season

Where Pups Go

Dog Friendly in Neighbourhood

Although these are 2 of Toronto’s most dog friendly neighbourhoods, Toronto laws do not make it a very dog friendly city. Many stores are now opening their doors to dogs, but it is a much tougher proposition in Toronto when it comes to bars and restaurants. Petal on a chair

There are some restaurants that say they have a dog friendly patio, but that’s code for … you can tie your dog up outside on the street while you sit and eat or drink. What’s really nice is that they will often have water dishes out for us pups. The downside is this means they are only really dog friendly on a seasonal basis. Nevertheless, I have included some of them below.

You will find several stores were pups are welcome, as long as you are very friendly and don’t have accidents on their carpet or floor. I even found a really cool lounging area for my hoomans on the SE corner of King St & Bathurst. You can see it in the pictures below. Super FUN!

Because of the number of dogs in these neighbourhoods, I do find so many friendly people and pups. That really makes life a lot easy for me and my hoomans as we explore all the neat places like Graffiti Alley and Trinity-Bellwoods Park.

Graffiti Alley Toronto
Graffiti Alley
Jolie Maison
Jolie Maison
Sam James Coffee
Sam James Coffee
The Paper Place
The Paper Place
Wine Rack
Wine Rack
Jimmy's Coffee
Jimmy’s Coffee
Jolie Maison
Jolie Maison
Relax on King St, east of Bathurst
Relax on King St, east of Bathurst
Queen St W Toronto
Wall art on Queen St W

Where Pups Play

With so many pups in the neighbourhood, we would all be a little over-weight without a few off leash parks to burn off some steam.

Off-Leash Dog ParkThese neighbourhoods are blessed with a lots to choose from. Not only do they have one of the biggest in all of Toronto, Trinity-Bellwoods Dog Bowl, they also has one of the smallest and quietest, St Andrew’s Playground Off Leash. There is also Victoria Memorial Square, which is not off leash, but very dog friendly…if you know what I mean.

Toronto is one of the few cities that is continuing to open new off-leash dog parks. The list below will continue to be updated as new parks open.

Trinity Bellwoods Dog Bowl Off Leash
Trinity Bellwoods Dog Bowl Off Leash
South Stanley Park
South Stanley Park
Trinity Bellwoods Park
Trinity Bellwoods Park
Blue in Trinity Bellwoods Park
Blue in Trinity Bellwoods Park
Cherry Blossoms in Trinity Bellwoods Park
Cherry Blossoms in Trinity Bellwoods Park
Beautiful Trinity Bellwoods Park
Beautiful Trinity Bellwoods Park

Where Pups Stay

These 2 neighbourhoods are mainly residential, so not too many hotels. That said, most of the ones that are located here are dog friendly.

Because of the abundance of residential, and in particular condos, there are a lot of apartment rentals available through AirBnB, VBRO and other such sites. There are far too many to list and the list is changing all the time.  Give me a break, I only have 4 paws you know!





If I have missed something, or you would like to be added to the list, please leave us a comment below or email us at

If you would like to write a Spawtlight on your neighbourhood, email us at We are always interested in more rover reports. Don’t be afraid.

Looking for some cool day trips for you and your pup? Check out Trillium Park at Ontario Place, Forks of the Credit and Eldred King Trails.

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Hi everyone, my full name is Triarctic Beau Suede Shoes, but you can call me Blue! I have such a fancy name, because I am ex-breeding from Snowy Bear Kennels in Selkirk, MB. I’m an eleven-year-old male Samoyed now living with my hoomans in Toronto, in the King West/Liberty Village area. P.S. I am loving my life of retirement from being a stud and now ready to explore the world. Hope you enjoy my journeys!

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