Making New Pup Friends at Barkworks

Barkworks at Evergreen Brickworks

Barkworks – A New Pup Festival in Toronto

Hey all my pup friends, I want to introduce you to my new bestie, Arika.

Isn’t she just the cutest!!!

She’s new to Toronto and we met up while she was being walked by her pup-family. When she’s not on a walk, she told me that all she does is eat and sleep and eat and repeat. WOW! Now that’s a great life, don’t ya think.

Although it sounds great, she did tell me that since she is new to Toronto, she is a bit lonely and wants to meet some other puppies and ya know, sniff their butts.

Barkworks 2019 at Evergreen Brickworks

I knew just the right place for her. Some of the cool pups in the off leash park were telling me about a REALLY big event coming up on April 13th called Barkworks. They said all dogs are welcome and that there would be plenty of FREE treats to sample. And boy do I love me some samples! Not only are there going to be samples, but there is going to be an Easter Egg hunt just for pups, so that’s something new for me to try. Speaking of things for me to try, the Dogloverdays people are bringing their lure course. Boy did I suck last time I did that. Think it’s time for a “do over”. I also heard their’s going to be lots of puparazzi there, so best get to my the groomer before heading down. The activity list is endless and I think is going to poop me out, which will make my hoomans happy.

Puppy pop-up market with 40+ vendors

If the activities weren’t enough, there are going to be some really great things for me to bite, chew, eat, drink and even try on.

Con Solo
Check out my great sweater from Ruff Stitched

Companies like Ruff Stitched, Puppy Prezzies, Chuck’s Mutts & Co, and Wooftown.

All for a good cause

Since I am a rescue pup myself, I am always up to support a rescue cause. Well, guess what, Barkworks is attempting to raise $5000 for the Toronto Humane Society. That means my pup parents have to pay a little bit to bring me there, but all I have to do is roll my cute little eyes at them, if you know what I mean.

So, pupper’s I’m wagging off now since it’s time for my nap. Petal out!

And in case you didn’t remember, Barkworks 2019 is happening at Evergreen Brick Works on Saturday, April 13, 2019 from 11:00 – 4:00. You can get your tickets in advance here.

I will see you at Barkworks…. If I don’t sleep in.

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