Bark’s Park

February 2, 2016 Bark 0

Bark’s log, stardate 2016…sorry, just prepping for my binge watching this weekend. I live near a very cool park that is right beside a ravine and high school that has a big running track.  Angelique […]

Off Leash

I Am Bark

February 1, 2016 Bark 0

Hi. My name is Bark. I was born a long time ago at a very early age.  Now I am full grown and oh, so very wise.  I have many stories to tell and guidance […]

Off Leash

Introducing Riley

January 1, 2016 Riley 0

This is me when I was 9 weeks old. Cute eh? I was plucked from the breeder by my new owners Deb and Doug who chose me over my also very cute sisters. We are […]